Positive Justice


  • To encourage the use of restorative and therapeutic practices within the criminal justice system, in order to reduce crime and its impact on victims.
  • To act as a pressure group: balancing negative representations in the popular press, and raising public awareness of, and support for, positive initiatives within the criminal justice system, particularly alternatives to imprisonment where appropriate.


  • To organise regular public meetings, and informal discussion forums;
  • To disseminate accurate and up to date information regarding crime and the community;
  • To cooperate with other community/voluntary groups;
  • To act as an information point for those who wish to get involved with the voluntary sector; to promote positive policies to the media and to policy makers by writing letters, putting out press releases and through our website.

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Martyn Shepherd, PJG chair has written this for the Church of England News discrimination 2

There was a wonderful article by Eric Allison (who spoke in Stroud a couple of years ago to a packed audience) https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/27/utopian-thinking-prisons-broken-england-wales-hmp-grendon

Drama in Prisons

Meeting in Stroud 18th March a report on this wonderful film and the discussion following it will be available soon.

For a report of our meeting on children with parents in prison last year - click here

PJG committee have written to Michael Gove - to read the letter click here

Alma Hageman has obtained funding    for her work with the Rubies at Eastwood Park - wonderful - see News

Spring lunchtime forum on 'Faith in prisons' on April 25th in the Forest of Dean, was a great success.  Report on this event will be available soon.  

For our 2014 Newsletter newsletter 2014

For a report of our Prisons Week meeting 2014 click here

Our lunchtime forum on Saturday July 5 in Tewkesbury was a great success.  'Legal discrimination: is it fair?' Two former prisoners shared their experiences of the discrimination after release.  for a report Every sentence a life sentence

Abolishing Stigma Punishments - An excellent read.

Our meeting on restorative justice on Saturday April 5 2014, at Gloucester Quaker Meeting House was reported in the Citizen -   see here

To read our own report - RJ 2014 report.pdf

Positive Justice

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Latest news

Lock Down, a play by the renowned Journeymen Theatre (http://www.journeymentheatre.com), will be performed on:

Thursday 5th March, at 7.30 in St Laurence Church Hall, The Shambles, Stroud, GL5 1A.P.

Admission free, collection. All welcome.

The play has been commissioned by Positive Justice Gloucestershire (www.pjglos.org) as its final event.

It tells the story of Ron and Kathy. Ron is an elderly lifer and Kathy a newly appointed Quaker prison chaplain. It’s a strange bond they develop but important to both of them. Through the prism of life inside, Kathy is forced to go on a journey of discovery and Ron is her guide.

Lock Down explores the hidden plight of the elderly and infirm inside UK’s jails and asks some big questions about how the system is coping with this ever increasing problem. As Ron is fond of saying ‘There is no system. That is the system.'

This will be Journeymen Theatre's fourth visit to Stroud. The last was 'Rock and Hard Place', dealing with domestic violence, commissioned by Gloucestershire Quakers.

Further details: Mary Brown 01453 759438 or mary.brown@phonecoop.cooop

or Wendy Gerard wendygerard@yahoo.co.uk

to read PJG's final newsletter newsletter 2019 2

PJG's final project:

The final PJG project is going to be the commissioning of a play by Journeymen Theatre (http://www.journeymentheatre.com) to be performed in early spring 2020. The play, Lock Down, will tell the story of a prisoner in his 70’s who has spent most of his life in prison. During the course of the play we see his interactions with prison medical staff, the prison chaplain, a probation officer and an official from the inspection service. His interactions with staff and visitors enable him to share aspects of his life inside and reflect on how disturbing and frightening prison life is for those who are locked away from public view. Currently PJG has approximately £500.00 left in its bank account and this will be put towards the play commission. We will need to raise a further £500.00 for the rest of the fee for this theatre project.

Should you feel that you could contribute a more substantial amount towards this project, you will be invited to a rehearsed reading of the play when it has been written. The play will then go on a national tour including performances in Stroud.

Please make your contribution in one of the two following ways:

Direct Bank Transfer:

Positive Justice Gloucester Account No. 65311365 Sort Code: O8-92-99

and then email stroudsunflower@yahoo.co.uk

Or Send a cheque to: Alice Wyndham, 38 Folly Lane. Stroud. GL5 1SF

Autumn meeting:

For an account of Karen McKeown's recent visit to prisons in Kenya. PJG Summer Meeting is west best

June 11.  St. Laurence Church Hall, Stroud, GL5 1AP

'A Community Response to Managing Sexual Abuse:  Circles of Support and Accountability'.

Speaker: Pauline Rousseau, Practice Manager for Circles South West.   This was a success, according to our feedback.  for  report of thisREPORT on CIRCLES TALK

PJG autumn meeting:   Alma Hageman gave a moving talk on  'Vulnerable Women in the Prison System.'   see our newsletter for a report of this.

2017 newsletter click 2017-newsletter (2)

New book launched: ' Life Beyond Crime:what do those at risk of offending, prisoners and ex offenders need to learn?  for PJG replies to this question go to what do prisoners need to learn David Liddington, justice secretary, wrote on open letter on June 21.  You can read it here: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/prison-reform-open-letter-from-the-justice-secretary PJG committee decided we should reply.  You can read our reply David Liddington later we had a reply from Jade Govia, which you can read here prison reform reply

'Great Expectations' was the title of our summer lunchtime forum.  A magistrate and three speakers from the Gloucestershire organisation Great Expectations  discussed  how to divert young people from crime.

The Great Expectations speakers shared their life stories and experiences. All had been troubled in their youths and admitted to having made 'wrong decisions' which had landed them in prison. Two are still in prison: one in Leyhill and one in the 'open' wing of Eastwood park. They work with young people to help them not to make the same mistakes, and not end up in prison. Their desire to help other young people to avoid prison was truly moving.

Read PJG chair's report to our AGM2017 chair's report

Positive Justice Gloucestershire's spring meeting with Andrew Neilson, director of campaigns for the Howard League for Penal Reform was on 'Preventing Prison Suicide' .

For a report suicide report

See our latest newsletter newsletter 2016-2

Prisons week public meeting 2016

with Juliet Lyon director of the Prison Reform Trust. Thursday October 13 in Gloucester.  For a report footholds-for-reform

Lunchtime Forum July 2016

We had a successful meeting at Prema in Uley on the subject of Arts behind Bars.  Unlocking Creativity.   for a report prema

For PJG's chair's report on the year 2015- 2026 click here


Prisons week public meeting

with Juliet Lyon director of the Prison Reform Trust. Thursday October 13 in Gloucester.  For a report footholds-for-reform

Lunchtime Forum July 2016

We had a successful meeting at Prema in Uley on the subject of Arts behind Bars.  Unlocking Creativity.   for a report prema

For PJG's chair's report on the year 2015- 2026 click here